Big MAKs

Hello to all the Big MAKs (moms of autistic kids)...
Hopefully this will be a place where we can share upcoming events and resources. Please send any ideas, or upcoming events that you want posted to


  1. wow, aren't you the smart one!! Could you please post Big MAK's go to Bouncin off the Walls in Sandy, 9400 south 350 west the 2nd Monday of the month from 6-8 p.m., $5 a kid, bring everyone, one door, lots of parents to talk to!! It's a blast!!

  2. this is a great idea Laura! If you ever need help with the blog, let me know, I am an experienced blogger!:) MAKS foreva!

  3. Hi there! We are new to this blog, and are super excited it exists! My little brother is Autistic, and we aren't the best at networking. We will be there for sure next Monday at Bouncin off the Walls. Hope to meet many of you there!

    ~Brew & Mom