Autism and the Dentist

It's hard enough to get my typical children to go to the dentist and cooperate, let alone trying to take my eight year old boy with "autism" to the dentist. yuck. I really dislike it. Why does EVERYTHING have to be so hard. really? Autism complicates EVERYTHING. Making everything HARDER. and worrisome. and stressful. and EXPENSIVE. First of all, I am taking him because I "Think" he might be having tooth pain or that something might be bothering him there. I don't know though, of course. He has just been crying on and off with real tears, like something hurts and been acting real out of sync. Hard to explain unless you have a child with autism. Its the "something is wrong" feeling. Because since he can't talk, he can't tell you when something is wrong!!!! You can't even ask him what is wrong, or what hurts. He can't tell you, even with his PECs books. It is hard to know what his needs are. I took him to the doctor to rule out anything physical, well besides his "autism". It is a helpless feeling as a mother when you can't help your child. I have to rely on the my instincts and the spirit. I decided the dentist was a good idea to rule out any teeth problem. When we got to the dentist office today, he was worried. Like he always is when we go. Despite my best efforts to prepare him, he was shaking. I hate the dentist too and I understand what is going on, and I can verbalize and explain to everyone how scared I am, how I don't like it. I can only imagine how he must feel. I don't know what he understands of what is going on, of what I tell him, and he can't communicate to me how scared he is, and I am helpless at comforting him. Today I went for the "When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are..........". I hope no one heard me, I can't sing. I also used my Airheads candy bribe. Didn't work. The first attempt from the dentist went no where. He was stiff as a board and wouldn't lay in the chair. When the dentist left to go get help, I started my 50 prayers.....(please let him cooperate long enough for the dentist to get a good look, please comfort him, please calm him down, please calm ME down) Long story short, when the dentist came back in, he laid down in the chair, opened his mouth, let the dentist and assistant check out his teeth, without fighting it or screaming. Only a little shivering and jerking. When he sat up he was so proud of himself. I was prouder. His eyes caught mine, and he smiled. Small moments like these are the best. I wiped the sweat (and tears of course) off my face in time for the dentist to tell me that he had a cavity that needed to be fixed and that of course it was going to have to be done sedated ($$$$$$$, he doesn't have medicaid yet, still on the waiting list 6 years later) at the Primary Children's clinic. Again, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ flashed before my eyes like it always does with this kid. Autism is expensive. I pray my medical insurance will authorize it.

Time for a diet coke and a Motrin........I have a Head. Ache.  But wait, not yet.  I have to go remove the trampoline ladder away from the fence first.  Never a dull moment.

Love you Mason :)

Written by Jenna, fellow MAK and proud but exhausted mother of an eight year old with Autism.

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  1. Jenna you are an awesome mom! I don't know how many times I have been in that same situation. Prayers were answered for both you and Mason.