Thankful Autism Mom

Here it is again, that glorious day where we are reminded about all we should be thankful for. The prefect family in their perfect clothes, with the perfect meal and perfect balance and harmony....

Being Thankful doesn't come easy to me when it seems that all we do is advocate, educate, silently scream, and shed a quiet tear at the end of the day wondering how this will all turn out.
But this morning I have had a moment to reflect of just how thankful I am - and that Autism has increased my 'Thankfullness".

Without autism I wouldn't appreciate the small miracles that occur everyday - miracles that may be overlooked - or simply expected - by many 'neurotypical' friends. He smiled at me, he flushed the toilet, he didn't pinch anyone, he slept in, he pranced through the house with clothes ON....all of these thankful moments have happened just today! How much better could it get? Without the big "A" I might overlook how incredible these small miracles are - and miss out on the moments.

A huge hug of Thanks - to YOU - the MAKS in my life who are my rock, my inspiration, and my friends. I would hope that autism had made us better, stronger, and more compassionate, and yes, thankful!
Love to you all - Laura

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