Happy Fathers Day

In June, 2005 we had the opportunity to attend a family reunion in Cache Valley. The highlight of the reunion, as it is every year, is a hike up the back of Crow Mountain. It is a difficult, steep hike, but the view is spectacular. This year we decided that Ty, our 8 year old son with autism, could try the hike. 

Since following directions is not Ty’s strong suit we wondered just how far up the mountain he would make it before one of us would have to bring him back down. I, of course, chose to wait at the bottom in the event of a ‘run away’ Ty. I watched as my husband, Austin, took Ty by the hand and started up the mountain side. Many of the other children ran past them, not hindered by the difficulty or the incline. Austin and Ty took it one step at a time. 

About half way up I noticed that they had slowed a bit, and eventually had come to a stop. After a short rest period I expected them to turn around, but instead I watched as Austin hoisted Ty (92 lbs) up on his back and continued up the trail. Several tired hikers had turned around and come down, unable to make it to the top, but my boys pushed on. With Ty on his back Austin reached the top. I don’t know if Ty was able to enjoy the splendor of the view, the brilliance of the colors, or the exhilaration of making it up Crow Mountain. 

I don’t know that Ty will ever understand the importance of this 78 year family tradition. I do know that thanks to his dad, Ty made it to the top.

Thank you to all the dads who walk a little slower and are willing to carry their children to reach the top of their own mountains. You are heros to all of us.
Laura -  Ty’s mom