Mother of the Year...AGAIN

So there I was, polishing my mother of the year award when.....
"Ring....Ring....Mrs. Anderson - Ty is at our house."
I thought we were pass the phone calls from the neighbors - that we were pass wandering out doors and slipping through fences - that we were pass walking into peoples houses and taking stock of their cupboards and trying out their beds for softness -

All I can say is that I am happy he had pants on.

Do you think I will need to pay for therapy for the 2 teenage girls who were sitting at their kitchen table with looks of horror at having a 16 year old walking into their house and his mom in her pj's trying to herd him out?  Once again...never say never.  This autism stuff is an ongoing adventure.

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  1. You are a awesome mother and a great person...
    Rex (my son) is PDD. This has been an interesting journey of 22 years. It is wonderful that you have a place to tell your story. Your stories have reminded of how difficult and amazing times with our children can be