IEP Reality Check - We all have to do it!

Just recevied this e-mail from Ty's's been about the 3rd one she has sent me:

Hi Laura,
 I am going to have to start working on the IEP here really soon.  Have you had a chance to think of some goals?  Would you rather talk in person J

Dear Jana:
Of course this is total avoidance on my part - setting goals - because here are the goals I want - I want him to communicate with me - tell me what he's feeling, ask me for something specfic - tell me that he's excited about something, or wants to do something together.  I want to got to a restraunt with him and have him eat what ever he wants!  I want him to have friends over, and get in trouble for not being home in time.  I want him to have a girl friend...and wonder how he's going to make enough money to go to prom.  I want him to make the state finals in swimming, and have to choose which college he is going to attend.
Instead of these goals that I want - I am trying to choose functional living goals that will "improve his quality of life".  This whole IEP thing is such a blow to the gut....

I want to improve his communication and leisure opportunties (computer games, drawing, building, anything other than watching movie clips).  I want him to poop in the toilet - but you wont be able to work on that as it is a 'home' activity.  I want him to develope his food choices - fruits, veggies, pasta, salad, hot dogs, hamburger....something besides chicken nuggets and chips.  I want him to be more involved in the community.  I have told you how much he loves (or hates it when the sheets are off the bed) to pull the sheets and covers up on the beds at home - great attention to detail.  I'm thinking having him in the food industry would not be a good fit.
Lets keep  up the 'stamina' program - I would really like to develope this and be able to share it with others as an option. - Laura

I agree Laura...
I know how awesome it would be for him to do all those things. Baby steps. If we shoot high we will get amazing things out of him.
I will call you tomorrow
Jana  ~~Smile~~

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  1. Some times these milestones remind us our other life we don't have. But let's be happy that Ty isn't smoking pot, or running from the law, or failing algebra, or dating the goth queen... He is just happy.