What Do Mom's Want?

The question was raised 
"What do moms want when their kid is having a come apart?"  

Well, tonight at Cancun Cafe Carson had a total come apart actually lifting up the table full of food and beverages and tipping it over, screaming, trying to pinch Frank, and me, breaking his ipad, (for the fourth time BTW) etc. etc. you know the drill,  The other patrons were startled, shaken, and totally freaked out.  Frank finally got the boy wonder out the door to the parking lot to try and calm him down (for another 15 minutes) and I sat amidst the refried bean carnage bawling. (I'm still bawling but I've taken some valium now, so I'm on the mend... :)  Anyhoo, two ladies came over and just hugged me while I cried, sobbed actually.  I really appreciated that so much.  They didn't say anything, just hugged me until I could muster the courage to look up and scrape the salsa off my face.  I think the man closest to us peed a little in his pants.  
More than the spilled milk though, is the thought that everyone keeps bringing up to me, what will you do?  He's so big!  I guess you can't take him out again?  Sometimes autism is quirky and funny, and sometimes it just sucks farts out of car seats.
Hang in there my autism sistas, I will try too.
Oh I would totally like someone to say something like "Been there!  You're doing great!". Sometimes there quiet can be mistaken for judgement. She probably doesn't want help but would love to know she's not alone and we can empathize with her. I know I would.
If it were me and I was there alone and I knew I was among other MAKS….I know the support would be appreciated.  But that is just me…
Definately say something nice, a hug would make me cry and I wouldn't want that =)
I like it when someone looks me in the eye and simple says, "You . . . are amazing."  
Such a good question. If I were in a public place and my son acted as described, I'd be grateful if someone asked if/how they could help.
This moment described below happened to me today.  We were having a yard sale and it was just too much for my daughter.  She was in full blown tantrum mode for hours!  In those moments I prefer to feel like the world isn't watching us.  While I think it would be nice to hear someone tell me it's OK, etc...I just want to be alone in our world.  I am already embarrassed enough in the moment, for me in that moment I think I just prefer to be left alone.

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